Gi Group

Destination Work

The first Global CSR Initiative of Gi Group.


What is Destination Work?

On Saturday October 22nd, Gi Group organized ‘Destination Work’!

On this day we supported those who are looking for a job or ways to become more employable. This event took place in many countries across the world at the same time. The countries provided workshops for job seekers that will increase their employability.
For example ‘How to write a winning CV”, “How to prepare for an interview” and “How to dress for success” are topics that are addressed.

These initiatives are held in the offices of Gi Group or at premises of associations or partners for example.
Destination Work is a CSR initiative from Gi Group. We are well aware of the public and social role we can play within the society. As a multinational staffing company, we can be influential in establishing new and better rules for the development of the market and local communities, using our global best practices.

In 2015, more than 900 volunteers dedicated 12,400 hours to over 6,200 people looking for a job. These initiatives allowed us to share our professional know-how and once again rediscover and experience the deepest meaning of our daily activities by offering it to our candidates.

Want to know more? Discover Destination Work in each country: