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Gi Group Academy

A place to promote the labour culture.


Culture, research, training

Toward the end of 2009, Gi Group Academy foundation began with the goal of positioning
Gi Group as leader and promoter of the culture
of employment in Italy.

Gi Group Academy

Gi Group Academy wishes to become a point of reference for the various contacts in the private and public Italian employment market, and become a meeting place for all those believe in the continuous encounter and exchange between the parties brings wealth to the entire sector.

Gi Group Academy’s specific initiatives revolve around three connected themes in the world of employment: the cultural area, research,
and training.

  • The cultural area will support events
    and agreements, initiatives and social projects that have the promotion of employment as their central nucleus.

  • The study centers will aim at becoming
    a recognized and stable Monitoring Center
    in the market through research and partnership activities with third parties, Universities and Entities.

  • The training will be dedicated to responding both to updating training internal personnel and contribute to an offer of specialization for an external public of professionals and entrepreneurs.
Areas of intervention

Publishing Positioning support to the Group
As a strategic support to the Group’s mission, the activities of the Academy wish to contribute to developing the labor market in Italy and to affirm the role of a leader who warns of the responsibility to contribute with one’s own skills to building tools and opportunities for growth both for people and for the company.

Publishing Publishing
Tha Academy will work through stable relationships with universities and institutions to perform research on specific topics, useful to contributing to a clear data culture and innovative tools, will create a labor market Monitoring Center, publish books about specific topics such as young people and a trust index and launch wide-ranging dissemination activities.

Publishing University and Associations
The Academy will return increasingly to the needs of the employment market as contacts able to read the effective needs existing and also helping the Group best interpret the role of multi-functional individual protagonist of active policies also through a proper synergy between public, private, and social parties.

Publishing Corporate University
The Academy will be oriented to excellence and innovation, becoming a true Corporate University able to increase the training offer both within the Group and outward, creating, for example, an area dedicated to training apprentices.


Gi Group Academy
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