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Competence Center

Assessment and Coaching services proposed by the Competence Center by Gi Group


Competence Center

The Competence Center is a workgroup composed of experts and professionals of several companies of the group that combines the knowledge and experience coming from Best Practices for different businesses.

The Competence Center is responsible for deepening models, tools and practices, becoming a center of excellence shared through the common language of expertise.

The Competence Center provides:
  • cooperation between the consultants of the Group
  • study and sharing of tools and best practices
  • the use of effective methodologies and validated instruments, scientific and modern, consistent with the changing environment;
  • the application and use of tools and methodologies according to rigorous standards and in line with the needs of organizations


Gi Group, through the Competence Center Coaching Winning Challenges, aims to facilitate the matching between demand and supply of Coaching through 4 strategic pillars:
  • the careful selection of certified coaches;
  • the matching between the Client challange and the most suitable Coach;
  • a proprietary Coaching methodology;
  • a national and international network of Coaches, diversified by specialization, able to support Professionals, Managers, Executives and Teams in different stages of their career.
Assessment Center

The Assessment Center stems from Gi Group’s Competence Center; it is a methodology aimed at identifying the set of personal, vocational and behavioural characteristics of the individual. It provides organisations with useful information on how to make people express their fullest potential.

The results of the appraisal carried out with the Assessment Center methodology support the organisation:
  • in achieving well-defined organisational objectives;
  • in identifying and understanding an individual’s characteristics;
  • in planning development and retraining paths for personnel subject to the appraisal.
The AC helps improve employees’ relationship with the organisation, leading to a high-quality cooperation.