Gi Group

The mission

The evolution of the labour market and the education of the personal and social value of work.



Through our services we want to contribute, as a key player and on a global basis, to the evolution of the labour market and to emphasize the personal and social value of work.


The work of each individual Company in the Group is based on a set of values consistent with Gi Group’s approach to the labour market and the civil society in which it operates.


We take the utmost care and pride in what we do and believe that our work should always be carried out to the best of our abilities to create value for People, companies and us by providing simple and clear solutions.

Responsibility more
Gi Group is well aware of the public and social role of its mission and pursues it with the utmost care and attention. The work must be done well, for themselves and for those for whom it is intended. In this context, Gi Group’s core principle is based on service quality, which is oriented towards:
  • Customers: including Companies, Workers or Candidates: to address their specific needs by offering effective, targeted and long lasting solutions and tools that create value;
  • People: to strengthen the recognition of their centrality in what we do and the great importance that work - or looking for work - has for them, always treating every individual respectfully and taking care of them with the conviction that the Company plays an educational role in their lives.


We are passionate about the work we do and each one of us is committed to ensuring that the needs, aspirations and objectives of our Colleagues, Candidates and Clients are met.

Concept of work more
“Through our work, we endeavour to contribute to the efforts that all People and all populations make to lay the foundation for their happiness” Gi Group conceives work as a means for People to be fulfilled, realise their aspirations and to actively participate in the creation of a greater ‘well-being’ that can endure into the future. This is why Gi Group encourages its Employees and representatives to carry out their work mission becoming passionate about creating job opportunities that meet the needs and objectives of People and Clients.

Continuous Learning and Innovation

In a fast-changing world, we are constantly driven by curiosity and a genuine desire to learn, sharing our professional and personal knowledge to support the growth and evolution of our organisation and stakeholders.

Focus on the person more
Gi Group is committed to developing the capabilities and skills of all its Employees, Candidates and Workers, feeding People curiosity, valuing and respecting diversity, allowing each individual to fully express their energy and creativity, so that everyone can realise their potential. Continuous learning, improvement and innovation enable us to do our best work, adapt quickly to economic and social changes and ensures business continuity by creating new solutions, ultimately benefitting all Stakeholders. This is seen in the way Gi Group employees make themselves available to Colleagues, Workers, Candidates, Clients and Institutions, sharing their personal and professional expertise in their daily work, through dedicated training channels and through voluntary initiatives.

We believe that working as a team, fostering a culture of collaboration, regardless of the roles, is the way to achieve our challenging objectives and enjoy our work.

Social Responsibility more
Gi Group believes that People are its main asset, and that engagement with the Company’s Mission are essential to its ability to achieve it.Gi Group recognizes the importance of:
  • communication and team spirit, as an indispensable factor in making work enjoyable and boosting one’s sense of belonging;
  • collaboration between Employees and business units, based on reciprocal respect for the professionals within the Company so as to achieve the Group’s shared goals;
  • Work-Life Balance diffusion as well as open exchange of views with Stakeholders, to guarantee shared growth. Everyone at Gi Group – regardless of role, responsibility or seniority –, is expected to create synergy and establish positive relationships with their Colleagues, to exchange views openly and make proposals for improving the Company’s services and processes, thus creating value for all Stakeholders.


We grow always valuing our human, financial and environmental resources, mindful of future generations.

Profitability more
Gi Group believes that a company balance and performance conditions are of major importance in order to sustain a healthy business and meet the objectives of its stakeholders. Company growth must be based on the maximum enhancement of the resources that are given to us, reconciling protection of human potential, economic performance, social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Gi Group staff feel that they are at the service of their environment and not vice versa. In fact, they are committed to ensuring that company service meets both the needs of the present and future generations.


We promote the respect of human rights and of diversity and inclusion; we support all legislation that rovide greater protection to workers and take an active role in eradicating corruption and any form of abuse or illegal behaviour.

Work as a team more
Gi Group, as a multinational labour company, is expected to act as a leading point of reference for Institutions and takes an active role in establishing new and better local and global practices for the development of both local communities and labour market, with absolute respect for the laws and in accordance with the principle of free, regulated and fair competition. It is also aware that its commitment to build the common good through its daily activities falls within the individual responsibility of the company’s employees. Everyone whitin Gi Group is therefore called upon to consciously act and communicate, having in mind corporate and Stakeholders reputation, supporting:
  • universally-recognised human rights, and actively safeguard them;
  • diversity and inclusion, abiding by the principles of equality, impartiality, the protection of personal dignity and safety and the eradication of all forms of discrimination;
  • the laws of the countries where the Group operates, resisting all forms of abuse and corruption;
  • the legislation that regulates workplace health and safety, spreading a zero-risk culture and adopting the most effective preventative measures;
  • the environment, by adopting the very latest initiatives, technologies and practices aimed at protecting it.