Gi Group

Excellence is learned

We take care of our employees.


At Gi Group, people make the difference.
This is why we invest a great deal in the training and growth of our internal staff. Strengthening our internal training programs, also and especially in times of crisis, is a need in addition to a resource, to guarantee the excellence of our services.

Joining Gi Group also means being able to attend the courses of our Corporate University,
a true business university able to attract and train the greatest talents in Human Resources. The Corporate University provides training services not only to the internal
staff but also to the outside audience of young employment market professionals and entrepreneurs.

The training at Gi Group is part of a broader cultural project: Gi Group Academy, a foundation created to promote the culture of employment and become a gathering and meeting place for all the sector professionals. In addition to training, the Academy has a cultural area that organizes conventions and events on the topic of employment and an area dedicated to research, directed toward development of new ideas, products, and services and provided with a study office intended to eventual become an observatory of the employment market.