Gi Group


We share values and a culture where the person is the greatest resource.


Concept of work
We conceive work as the desire of the human being to participate in the building of a greater good that could last for the benefit of future generations.

We are aware that the greater good  that we want to build through our daily efforts are our personal responsibility.
At the same time, as human beings, we are aware
of our limitations.

Focus on the client
We adapt to meet the needs of our clients and candidates, focusing on their requirements and offering real, long-term solutions that create value.

Focus on the person
Our behaviour recognizes the value of the individual and our awareness of the great importance that work has for him or her. We believe that companies should have an educational role in people’s lives.

Social Responsibility
We are a private entity aware of the public and social role of our mission. This guides us to act with integrity and complete respect for laws in the countries where we are present and to participate actively in the definition of new and better rules for the labour market. An employment market in which all the individuals respect the rules is a better market, able to meet the needs of  both companies and candidates.
Being open to continual learning and innovation
We deal with the realities that face us in our business.
Gi Group people consider themselves at the service
of workers, companies and institutions.
The willingness to continually learn and change represents for us a necessary condition for producing our best possible work. We are ready to measure and judge ourselves according to our achievements.

Profitability of our services is essential for a healthy business and for the realization of the stakeholders’ goals.

Work as a team
Only by working together will we accomplish our mission and fulfil our vision.