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CSR Report

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Gi Group CSR Report

CSR Report

We are proud to present our fifth Global CSR Report, which includes the main Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives promoted by Gi Group over 2018.

2018 was a very special year for Gi Group, celebrating our 20th anniversary we took this time to look to the future with greater awareness, setting new challenges and asking ourselves important questions. Going into 2019, we are conscious of the significant changes taking place in the job market and we foresee our role increasing as a guide and partner to companies, candidates, workers, employees and institutions.

To celebrate our 20th anniversary we launched NEXT20, a 1-year project through which we established and strengthened the connection with our employees. We embarked on a Gi Group roadshow in all the countries where the group is based, during this roadshow we communicated more than ever before with our 4,000 employees through GiNET, our new global intranet, and the Gi Group Energy Matrix, the organisational climate analysis initiated in December 2017, launching numerous local and global initiatives dedicated to the our people’s satisfaction and engagement.

Like every year, we continue to play an active role in society on an international level, through participation in the World Employment Confederation. We’re also committed to strengthening our relationship with local communities, proposing collaboration initiatives and confirming our Destination Work project, as well as launching new activities related to skills and professional development.
Our plans for 2019 are no less demanding, and we aim to create value by contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, focusing in particular on the goals that crossover with our services and Solutions.

This is a brief look at how we’ve built our success story, to broaden our vision for the future: with this in mind, we invite you to read the fifth edition of the Group’s CSR Report.

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CSR Report


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